DIY Cement Pattern Weights

I really enjoy sewing, I don’t always enjoy all the prep work it takes to get to the actual sewing. That’s why I am always on the lookout for tools that allow me to save time without sacrificing quality. Pattern weights do just that. This Post Has Been Updated At Let’s Learn To Sew. Make […]

DIY Garden Row Covers

Ice, snow and freezing temperatures usually mean the end of our growing season. This year after visiting Homestead Heritage Farm I wanted to see if we could extend it just a little longer. We usually only plant lettuce, spinach and radishes in the spring. This year as soon as it was cool enough I began┬áplanting […]

DIY Oversize Ironing Board

If you have ever had to iron a large piece of fabric, patter pieces or even a tablecloth on a regular ironing board you know it can be frustrating. After a recent struggle with some large skirt pattern pieces I decided to find an alternative.   This Post Has Been Updated at Let’s Learn To […]