DIY Garden Row Covers

Texas Bluebonnets

Ice, snow and freezing temperatures usually mean the end of our growing season. This year after visiting Homestead Heritage Farm I wanted to see if we could extend it just a little longer. We usually only plant lettuce, spinach and radishes in the spring. This year as soon as it was cool enough I began planting […]

9 Reasons to use a Gourmet Cooking Oil Sprayer

9 great reasons to use a gourmet cooking oil sprayer instead of a store-bought cooking spray

I’m not the kind of person that has to have every fancy little kitchen gadget that comes on the market. But I do recognize when there’s something that stands to add a bit of value to my life, whether that’s in the way of saving time, money, or making it a little easier to be […]

Great Deal at Hang To Dry


I know this is very short notice but I wanted to let you know about a great deal going on at Hang To Dry. Right now they are offering everything they currently have on their site plus everything they digitize for the rest of 2012 for one low price. I have purchased about 8 of […]

Beating the Heat: LED Lights

Our next heat source to deal with was the recessed lights in the house. Our den has six of them and the kitchen five. They now make recessed lights that are airtight however ours are 16 years old and are not. I have never liked the ones in the den so I suggested we remove […]

Hemming Jeans

I am not terribly short, 5’2″ at least I don’t think that is short. However every time I go to buy jeans I feel incredibly short. I can usually find a good fit in the waist and hips but the length is always an issue. I like buying “new” clothes as much as anyone but I also find it too […]

Beating the Heat: Doors and Windows

Sealing up the leaks was our next project for beating the heat. We knew we had a few but we had no idea how many places are potential leak issues. You can see by the diagram there are a lot. We purchased high temp attic grade silicone from Home Depot and went to work. Scott […]